Who We Are

Wadivo is a customer web application designed to help African consumers recover various assets and to provide them market intelligence, with a focus on the banking and the telecommunications sectors in Central and West Africa.

Our mission is to become a lead advocate of consumers’ rights in the asset recovery space and the product quality reviewer of reference.

In the banking space, Wadivo focuses on the rights of the individual customer over their day-to-day operations. Banking competition has driven down the cost of many services in most countries, and in the CEMAC region, the banking regulation prescribes that checking account services be offered free. However, many banks still charge these. The Wadivo platform will allow those to pool their claims and recover past charges unduly collected.

Wadivo will also serve users in the increasingly complex mobile space. The sector has transformed Africa in the last two decades, empowering people, aiding communication and commerce and increasing financial inclusion. Mobile operators have broadened their voice and data offering with added services powered by third parties called Value Added Services or VAS providers.

In April 2023, Wadivo launches its first operation in banking in Cameroon. Wadivo is now launching a telco product. Through our platform, mobile subscribers who have been charged by their Telco over the years for services they did not subscribe to, will be able to claim their money back. If you want to submit a claim, please click here to register. Join us quickly and spread the word; Together we are stronger.

The Team

Wadivo was founded by Moyo Kamgaing, an international banker with over 30 years of experience in Africa and a successful entrepreneur. He assembled a quality team of individuals with a passion for consumer rights and a combined experience of over 150 years in the banking and tech sectors in Africa and Europe.
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